3D The Boss

3D The Boss

3D The Boss is an empowering, dynamic and refreshing, pop trio based in Atlanta. They infuse rhythmic sounds of EDM with irresistibly poetic rap, and the soothing big-ballad voice of Seal, resulting in a high-energy, entertaining performance. 3D The Boss is sure to captivate audiences with their inspirational message of character fitness, love and joy. Empowered by the YourDay Balance Game, this pop music phenomenon is comprised of Zambian native The-O, Chanda Leigh, and David E. Beats; each a powerhouse in their own solo careers. With their rare, international and upbeat sounds they are sure to enrich your experience of life to the possibility of greatness.


Ollie Patterson

Ollie-original 7

Ollie discovered his gift in music at 12 years old. By 16, he was touring Europe with one of the top bands until he graduated from an overseas high school and returned to the US.

As a musician, Ollie has performed with legendary jazz masters Art Pepper & Don Ellis along with The Drifters, The Sammy Kay Orchestra, Pat Boone and many others. As a band leader, Ollie’s jazz quartet and party band have delighted clients in the Atlanta area for over 10 years.

As a songwriter Ollie has written several songs, with one of them reaching the top 10 on the radio. As an arranger, he is credited with assisting an independent artist’s song to reach the top 10 as well.

Ollie is the president of Ollie Patterson Music, LLC which provides live music for all occasions.

Soweto Street Beat

Soweto Street Beat

In the 21st century, SSB will maintain its position as one of America’s Premiere African Dance troupes We intend to increase the authenticity of our performances throughmug_5 (2) incorporation of additional research and interpretation of our subject matter, and through visual presentation (including but not limited to stage construction and props, wardrobe, music and choreography).

In the area of educational programming, we intend to offer more educational programs, increase the tactile quality of these programs, and to teach increasing numbers of youth South African Dance. We will continue to use our study guide, and will expand them in curriculum appropriate ways. These study guides will be more widely disseminated through our Website, which we intend to become a significant educational arm of our programs...Read More

Damien Musuka

diamien musuka-zambias 50th independence party atlanta

I struggled to find the words after my father passed away, but time brought a healing that allowed me to bleed my soul onto the dead leaves of paper, etching the experience and finally allowing me to speak my truth through this song. Nkoya Kwa LEZA is Bisa (Zambian language) meaning I too will be going to God's place. The song expresses the immortality of family and the unshakeable faith in love's strength over death.